Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This Means War movie review

               I have to say, when I went into the theater to watch "This Means War" I didn't have very high expectations. The premise of the movie is two close friends, who work together as spies, discover that they are dating the same girl. They quickly decide not to let her know that they know the other guy. They then proceed to try to win her over (this was all shown in the previews). Now the reason that I originally thought that "This Means War" would not be that great was the kind of chick flick feel to it. I mean come on; one of the main characters is a young women trying to choose between to perfect guys.  Well I went into the movie expecting it to target a more female audience (I found one other guy in the theater, the rest were girls, the other guy appeared to be around 6 years old) but in reality, it was very funny, very appealing, and very well done. The movie was a romantic comedy, but luckily for me, it stayed away from the romance and focused on the comedy, with much success. The jokes were very appealing, the actors applied great delivery, the writing was clever, and everything about it was well done. Even the action scenes (remember? The guys are spies) were effective. They weren't as polished or intense as a truly action film, but they got the idea down in an almost spoofing/ accurate way. Those scenes also showcased some of the great directing behind this film. One of the best parts of the movie though, was the fact that the movie obviously wasn't trying too hard. Many movies seem to say "I'm a movie, everyone in the audience will love me or I will EXPLODE!"...... This one wasn't. I would recommend "This Means War" to anyone that wishes to be entertained for 2 hours of good comedy, good acting, good directing, and a great film.

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