Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gymnastics season

                Well it's finally that time of year again, gymnastics season!  I love gymnastics; I'm on the team at school. Gymnastics is great, but there are a few problems involved with it. One of these problems is rips. Rips are what we gymnasts get mainly from highbar, but also from some of the other events. A rip is when the friction between a gymnasts hand and the equipment they are using is great enough to tear his or her skin off of his or her hand. Honestly they don't hurt too much when we get them, but they look nasty, and hurt later when either we are using more equipment, or doing anything else with our hands. So that was one of the down sides of gymnastics, but another is the time commitment! We practice about two and a half hours every week day, and another three hours on Saturdays. That's not even counting all of the many meets we do. I can live with the rips and the time commitment because simply, gymnastics is great! I'm not the best on the team, or even close, but I really enjoy doing it every day. I guess you can think of me as a bit of an adrenaline junkie, because one of the main qualities of the sport that keeps me coming back is the thrill. When I do a skill on one of the events, it is terrifying at first, but after that first try I'm hooked on the adrenaline! I tend to repeat the same terrifying skill over and over again until either I succeed in doing it well multiple (three) times in a row, or I come so close to injuring myself that I get freaked out and stop. Despite the danger, pain, and commitment involved in gymnastics, the adrenaline keeps me coming back every day and every practice. Don't get me wrong, gymnastics isn't for everybody, but if you think you have what it takes, I encourage you to start as soon as possible!

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  1. I really agree with your point about rips being almost the only bad thing about gymnastics. I really enjoy gymnastics but getting rips from high bar is the one thing I hate about it. It is very conflicting because I think high bar is the most fun event but it’s what you get rips from. In the long run it is definitely worth it to suffer through the rips to do gymnastics. Nicely written!