Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I am thirsty, and I think the whole world deserves to know.  They deserve to know also, why I feel thirsty, and why they feel thirst. I have also decided not to drink anything until I have published this post. So why are people thirsty? Well on a first grade logic level, it can be deduced that we get thirsty because if we didn't get thirsty, then we would all dry up and die. Our bodies need water to carry on its everyday functions, this I knew previously, but I decided to do some research to find out more.
                Your hypothalamus is a part of your brain that, among other things, regulates the amount of water in your blood. When your hypothalamus detects that you bloodstream has too much water, and too little blood (waterlogged) then it tells the pituitary gland to produce less ADH, the hormone that causes more water to be reabsorbed by the kidney. [1] In case you are wondering, reabsorption is the process by wich the kidney reabsorbs water that it would have lost to urine, so with less ADH comes less water in your blood. [2] When your hypothalamus detects that the blood is lacking water however, it orders the production of more ADH, conserving your precious remaining water (through reabsorption). [1]
                When your body is lacking water, producing ADH is not enough to save you. Your body needs you to drink some water (or of course ingest some from your food). In order to get you to drink, your body needs to cause a craving and a pain if water is not gained.           Your central nervous system (specifically your brain) is where thirst is felt. Your brain becomes aware of your lack of water, and sends your conscious mind the feeling of "If I don't drink water now I will dry up and die!" It is this feeling that truly motivates us to get water, and that really keeps us alive. [3] Man, I'm thirsty!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Shining

So who's ready for yet another movie review? I recently saw an older film, "The Shining". This movie is definitely a classic. But with a classic comes good and bad things. The goods are of course that you are guaranteed a well made movie with good quality. It has obviously been great if it has stood out for so many years. "The Shining" was originally made in the 70's, so the fact that people still talk about the movie speaks highly of it. The down sides of course are that it was a little, or more accurately very, outdated. The movie was a horror movie, but I was rarely scared at all, and never really frightened. Most of the scenes were overly familiar to me, as I had seen multiple spoofs in my lifetime. I couldn't take the movie seriously because most of the aspects of horror movies that are taken for granted today were just starting out in this movie. I'm not arguing that it was a bad movie, it's just that it hasn't aged that well. Throughout time the scenes had all been given away, and the production, even down to the style, were all too "70's". The style of the time was to be almost as random as possible. Things happened that were supposed to be scary, but instead were either expected, not convincing, not scary, or even ridiculous. I'm sure "The Shining" was a great movie in its time but sadly I must say that it's time is up. It will forever be seen as a classic but it simply can't work its magic the way it used to.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This Means War movie review

               I have to say, when I went into the theater to watch "This Means War" I didn't have very high expectations. The premise of the movie is two close friends, who work together as spies, discover that they are dating the same girl. They quickly decide not to let her know that they know the other guy. They then proceed to try to win her over (this was all shown in the previews). Now the reason that I originally thought that "This Means War" would not be that great was the kind of chick flick feel to it. I mean come on; one of the main characters is a young women trying to choose between to perfect guys.  Well I went into the movie expecting it to target a more female audience (I found one other guy in the theater, the rest were girls, the other guy appeared to be around 6 years old) but in reality, it was very funny, very appealing, and very well done. The movie was a romantic comedy, but luckily for me, it stayed away from the romance and focused on the comedy, with much success. The jokes were very appealing, the actors applied great delivery, the writing was clever, and everything about it was well done. Even the action scenes (remember? The guys are spies) were effective. They weren't as polished or intense as a truly action film, but they got the idea down in an almost spoofing/ accurate way. Those scenes also showcased some of the great directing behind this film. One of the best parts of the movie though, was the fact that the movie obviously wasn't trying too hard. Many movies seem to say "I'm a movie, everyone in the audience will love me or I will EXPLODE!"...... This one wasn't. I would recommend "This Means War" to anyone that wishes to be entertained for 2 hours of good comedy, good acting, good directing, and a great film.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gymnastics season

                Well it's finally that time of year again, gymnastics season!  I love gymnastics; I'm on the team at school. Gymnastics is great, but there are a few problems involved with it. One of these problems is rips. Rips are what we gymnasts get mainly from highbar, but also from some of the other events. A rip is when the friction between a gymnasts hand and the equipment they are using is great enough to tear his or her skin off of his or her hand. Honestly they don't hurt too much when we get them, but they look nasty, and hurt later when either we are using more equipment, or doing anything else with our hands. So that was one of the down sides of gymnastics, but another is the time commitment! We practice about two and a half hours every week day, and another three hours on Saturdays. That's not even counting all of the many meets we do. I can live with the rips and the time commitment because simply, gymnastics is great! I'm not the best on the team, or even close, but I really enjoy doing it every day. I guess you can think of me as a bit of an adrenaline junkie, because one of the main qualities of the sport that keeps me coming back is the thrill. When I do a skill on one of the events, it is terrifying at first, but after that first try I'm hooked on the adrenaline! I tend to repeat the same terrifying skill over and over again until either I succeed in doing it well multiple (three) times in a row, or I come so close to injuring myself that I get freaked out and stop. Despite the danger, pain, and commitment involved in gymnastics, the adrenaline keeps me coming back every day and every practice. Don't get me wrong, gymnastics isn't for everybody, but if you think you have what it takes, I encourage you to start as soon as possible!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Red Tails

            I know that I have done a movie review in the past, but after seeing "Red Tails" I decided that I have to write another. Red Tails was about the Tuskegee Airmen. The Tuskegee Airmen was an experimental Air Force squadron during World War 2 fighting on behalf of the U.S.A. The film was a story following a group of fictional soldiers participating in the experiment. What made them different from the rest of the army was the fact that this squad was all African American. It was a good movie, with a lot of action, but I had a few complaints about it. The main problem with the movie that I found was that the plot never really focused on the racism. The main characters of this movie were African Americans gaining the right to fight in the Air Force during a time of racism in the United States. The movie touched on the racism, but for the most part all of the characters could have been white and there would be very little difference in the original movie. The focus of the movie was the individual lives of a few members of the Tuskegee Airmen, which is fair, and in this endeavor the film was pretty successful. Another major focus of the movie was action (it is a war movie after all). In this field, the movie did well, but didn't quite exceed expectations. There were a good amount of satisfying explosions and gunshots, but the action element was not nearly on par with a movie that is purely action. In other words, the action aspect was good, but not great. After watching the entire movie, I think that it is safe to say that Red Tails is a good movie. It was overall above average in how well it entertained me. The plot was interesting, the actors phenomenal, and the action adequate. It wasn't the best movie ever, or even close, but it was worth seeing, and I would recommend it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Special Olympics

                Every Friday, I end school, and quickly go into my mom's car. She then drives me to the YMCA. When I get there I eat a quick snack in the car and head inside. The second I get through the doors, I don't go to the basketball courts, or the workout room. I don't go to the racquetball courts or the gymnastics gym. The second I arrive I head straight for the pool locker room.
                I'm not there to swim laps however; I work as a volunteer for the swim class for kids with special needs. I can't in good conscience imply that I am the kind of saint that volunteers out of the goodness of my heart, or for a sense of self-fulfillment. I had taken a sociology class, and for the final we were required to complete 30 hours of community service. The YMCA's special needs swim class was a great opportunity. Honestly though, I completed the hours awhile ago, and I continue to volunteer at the class.
                The reasons I continue there is because I have built friendships with the kids in the class and enjoy working there. The class is split into two parts. The first half is for the kids with more severe disabilities. I spend most of my time working with Jon. Jon has balance problems, so we've spent a lot of time working on how he rotates his arms. We use the wall at the side of the pool and he puts his hands on the wall, brings one back, returns it to the wall, and repeats with his other hand. This simulates the arm movement of free stroke. He has improved greatly since I first saw him swimming. He used to do a variation of the doggy paddle, now he kicks and alternates his arms. His form and endurance still need a lot of work (he rarely finishes a whole lap without a break), but he has improved immensely.
                For the second half of the class, the first group leaves, and the second group, the high functioning kids, arrive. I have less to do at this point, because Jerome, the man who runs the program, can handle these kids better without my help. In a way, I switch from a teacher to an assistant in this transition, but I'm ok with that.
                These kids aren't' just swimming for recreation, they are working towards a goal. In March there is a Special Olympics swim meet that they will all hopefully participate in, and hopefully all get medals in. I can't wait to see the kids compete in this event. I find the entire experience to be fun, and that is why I take time out of my Fridays to volunteer at the YMCA.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Good News!

                I'd like to think of myself as a happy person, but still, a lot of things annoy me. One of these is The News. I don't watch/read it often, but when I do, I always leave less happy than I was going in. The News is always full of the terrible things that go on in our world. I hear people talking about how everything in the world is wrong and evil. Everybody's killing everybody and kids are going missing. What they don't know is that The News only talks about the bad things. Here's a thought. For every kid that goes missing, billions of kids don't... People would have a better or at least more accurate view of the world if the news included happy happenings as well as unfortunate misfortunes. So I believe that to parallel The News, there should be a congruent "Good News" to cancel it out. So to get things rolling, I am going to start the trend of good news. Before continuing, you should be sure to read my last blog post, because it is relevant, but if you don't feel like reading it in its entirety, the summery can be found below
*                  Spoiler Alert                  *
My dog was diagnosed with a fatal liver condition at age 6. She has a matter of days to live, and then I say nice stuff about her. I would recommend reading that rather grim yet condoling post.
*                 More Spoilers!             *
                Okay, that was bad news. But here is the good news. Her symptoms were getting better, so we had another vet look at the test results and symptoms. According to this vet, my dog is fine! Now that's a lot to take in! One day she's fine, the next she's dying, and now she's fine? That's weird, but I'm not complaining! As long as she's healthy I'm happy. And she's healthy, so I'm happy!
                See? That wasn't so bad. I gave good news, and the world didn't come to a screeching halt. Maybe instead of getting caught up in other people's tragedies, we should focus on the good stuff that happens, the "Good News". It'll put the world in perspective, and make it simply more enjoyable.