Sunday, November 6, 2011

Student Pressure

People blog for many different reasons, but the most common are that the blogger either believes that what they have to say is something the world needs to know, or they believe they can't continue to have their thought's trapped in their head. There is an issue that not only has been nagging at my brain, begging to be let out, but is an important thing for people in all positions to consider. This issue is workload. There is a common, yet dare I say false, thought that many people around the world share. It is the idea that if you don't work yourself until you can't work anymore, then you are lazy and not to be respected. In school, students are constantly being preached to that they need to be in honors classes, they need to get straight As, they need to do three sports a year and they need to be involved in every activity possible. Seven hours a day is not enough time for a student to learn, they need to continue their studies on their own time as homework, but what time is there for that? If the student is behaving as they should they should be getting home from their sport at maybe 6, or even later. They are then pressured to not only finish their assignments, all assigned from teachers who subconsciously expect their pupils to dedicate every last second on the subject that they feel is so important that they are to dedicate their lives to passing on their knowledge of it, but they need to do as good of a job as anyone else who is so passionate of the subject. These students are also pressured by their parents and peers, each of which wants to spend social time with them. The teachers, the coaches, the parents, the peers, everyone is trying to have the most influence on these students, but there are only twenty four hours in a day. Nine of those hours are supposed to be spent asleep, but there is just no time for that. These pupils are given a multitude of ridiculous tasks to complete in an unreasonable amount off time with the success of a professional. Their every move is monitored to be used against them when planning out their future opportunities. To any students reading this post, don't go crazy. Don't spend every waking hour working, and get sleep. But also remember that work pays off when not overdone. To anyone with power over students reading this, remember the pressures and keep that in mind. You can't expect more than what's reasonable.  
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  1. Excellent post. And timely. I'm eager to have your feedback on the presentation I give to the entire student body (first half of every block in the IMC) on 11/17 and 11/18. I also humbly ask that you tell your friends about it and hope that they can come see it. It's on this VERY TOPIC! Because I AGREE WITH YOU! (On a critical thinking note, make sure your statements are either linked to evidence, or worded in a manner that highlights that it is your opinion. For instance, "all over the world..." Ist it really? Or is this a Western idea? Or an American idea? Make sense?) Thanks for sharing!

  2. As a student I don't like to think I complain about this topic but I catch myself all the time. I never thought about the numbers: the seven hours we spend in classes, and more for extracurriculars, and more on homework. If we put in the maximum amount of effort on each subject, the time we might sacrifice is for sleeping, eating, social activities. Every teacher wants passionate students but with seven different subjects and teachers it is hard to find that curiosity and motivation all the time. I agree with all of this so thank you, and I do feel better hearing other people constructively discussing the issue like this post and the presentation last week.