Sunday, November 20, 2011

I saw Breaking Dawn part 1

                I have heard many different people give many different opinions about The Twilight Saga, a book and movie series. Most males that I have talked to about the series (dare I say all?) have said that they hate the series, and that "Twilight sucks!"  Through inquiry I have found that most of these males have never read any of the books, and never seen any of the movies.
                Last Friday, I decided to see a Twilight movie, and judge it by my own standards, so that I wouldn't simply be conforming to the uneducated opinions of my peers. When I was first in the theatre to see Breaking Dawn Part 1, on the opening day, I quickly scanned the theatre for other males, I found two (three counting me). The theatre was almost packed with girls, proving that teenage girls truly are the target audience. I went in with high expectations. This movie has been much anticipated, and girls were itching to buy tickets. I figured that with all the work that went into this film, it must be decent. I pioneered before all of my peers, who hated twilight without ever reading the books or seeing the films, by going into that theatre with an open mind.
                After viewing, I can now honestly say that it was one of the WORST movies that I have ever seen! It was awful. I would never recommend this movie to anybody. It was badly written, badly directed, and badly acted. The plot was very unrealistic (looking past the vampires and werewolves, the movie was still unrealistic) and the directing made the movie appear to be photo shopped. The actors for the most part were not convincing. The one exception however, was Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, the main protagonist. She did a remarkable job of portraying the turmoil that her character had to go through. I was very convinced by Stewarts acting.
                My last complaint, besides the movie's overall non-convincing production, is its rating. It was rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America. This was very misleading in my opinion. If I was rating this movie I would rate it R. In an attempt to not ruin the plot for anyone who plans to see the movie, I will only say that there was a scene of intense disturbance, and implied torture. The scene was unsettling to the point where I was genuinely surprised that audience members weren't fainting. There was also a huge glorification of teenage sex. If someone of the age 13 went into the theatre, they would see blood and gore and implied agony that could legitimately make someone faint. Not to mention the scenes of sex that took up a significant portion of time in the movie. Besides that, most actors did a disappointing job and the directing made everything look unnatural, like they shot everything separately and edited them together. I feel like I have finally proven to myself the previously uneducated assumption that Twilight is terrible.
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1

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  1. I for one am glad that you went to see it with an open mind and knowing that you were not the target audience. I was a Twi-hard, I like Twilight. When the books became popular, I was the perfect age to love them. To read them now would be a disappointment but not as big as the movies (specifically Taylor Lautner). I was surprised that this movie had such a good turnout because it has been three years since the first, and a lot of my friends have turned into Twi-haters. My joy is remembering the story that I once obsessed over. Seeing the movie, I recall how I felt reading the books, pleasantly captivated. Everyone outside of my situation is allowed to hate the movies because I agree that they lack… quality.